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Philippe Morel, Jonathan Larose, Charles-Alex Durand

An ex-bully needs the help of a victim to prove his innocence.

Canada, Quebec 18 mins

Ambassadors of the cosmos

Béla Klingl

Witness an alien civilizations's very first look at planet Earth, 54 years ago, when two dogs were s...

Hungary 8 mins


Yoko Yamanaka

20-year-old filmmaker Yoko Yamanaka transforms the schoolgirl into a strong countercultural figure, ...

Japan 66 mins

Anna and the Apocalypse

John McPhail

Get ready for your new favourite Christmas zombie movie musical, a movie that will leave you singing...

United Kingdom 92 mins


Jonathan Watson

Sonny (Danny McBride) lives in Arizona, and he's a totally cool guy. He's definitely NOT a murderer....

USA 84 mins

Attaboy Lou Star!

Étienne Bellefeuille

Lou Star is young, disturbed, and desperately looking for a way to finance his career and fulfill hi...

Canada, Quebec 13 mins


Valérie Leclair

Personnifiant le Père Noël et la Fée des Étoiles dans un centre d'achats, Christopher et Sarah profi...

Canada, Quebec 11 mins

Being Natural

Tadashi Nagayama

Taka is a saint. When a Tokyo couple moves into town to open a coffee shop, his peaceful existence i...

Japan 96 mins

Belly Flop

Jeremy Collins, Kelly Dillon

Persistence pays off when an unashamed young girl leaning to dive is unperturbed by a talented diver...

South Africa 5 mins

Besoin Dead

Aurélien Digard

France 18 mins


Joseph Kahn

Produced by Eminem, BODIED is a triumphant satire of today's social and political climate, in which ...

USA 121 mins

Brothers' Nest

Clayton Jacobson

Two brothers in rural Australia have a perfectly timed and detailed plan for murder. Nothing could p...

Australia 99 mins

Chained for Life

Aaron Schimberg

A flirtatious actress and a disfigured actor struggle to understand each other on the set of a horro...

USA 91 mins


Kim Yong-wan

Mark (Don Lee), a disgraced former arm-wrestling champ rebuilding his career, will face a variety of...

South Korea 108 mins

Cinéma cubisme

François Mercier

By using simple pictographs, François Mercier (a regular at DJ XL5?s Zappin? parties) evokes, with b...

Quebec 4 mins

Destiny: The Tale of Kamakura

Takashi Yamazaki

Ghosts, goblins, even a charming local death god... For newlywed Akiko, the town of Kamakura will ta...

Japan 129 mins


Philippe David Gagné

On a cold winter day, Guillaume, a broken-hearted lover, attempts to regain his honour on a frozen b...

Canada, Quebec 7 mins

DJ XL5’s Outtasight Zappin' Party


For his fifteenth program of short films, DJ XL5 has selected a cornucopia of intriguing items and s...

International 96 mins

Eau de Jesus

Mat Rich

Wicked false advertising directed by Montrealer Mat Rich. What if Jesus lived in our days and would ...

Quebec 2 mins

End Times

Bobby Miller

USA 9 mins

Fire in Cardboard City

Phil Brough

When a city made entirely from cardboard catches fire, it is up to the local fire chief and his brav...

New Zealand 9 mins


Renaud Lessard

Mom breaks up with Dad while on vacation in Florida and flies back to Montreal. The kids, Jonathan a...

Canada, Quebec 16 mins

Gardiennage de l'enfer

Frank Appache, Camille Monette

Un ex-prisonnier se fait confier la garde d'un enfant en échange d'une réduction de probation.

Canada, Quebec 4 mins

Gaston Lagaffe

Pierre-François Martin-Laval

To adapt André Franquin's iconic bande dessinée, Pierre-François Martin-Laval opted for a visual sty...

France 89 mins