Presented by Thai Exress

Canadian Premiere
Selection 2018


Directed by Jonathan Watson

Tue July 31, 2018
7:20 PM

Auditorium des diplômés de la SGWU (Théâtre Hall)



Jonathan Watson


Luke Del Tredici


Rosemarie DeWitt, Danny McBride, Luke Wilson


RLJ Entertainment

USA 2018 84 mins OV English
Genre ComedyThriller

Official selection

Sundance Film Festival 2018, Overlook Film Festival 2018

“Funny and terrifying in equal measure… violent dark comedy done right”
Adam Chitwood, COLLIDER

"The hook for this is great, with the setting a smart choice, and [Danny] McBride playing well to type."
Chris Bumbray, ARROW IN THE HEAD

"... thrilling, funny, silly and bloody, and I enjoyed every minute of it."

Arizona. It's a pretty cool place, you know? It's got a lot of land, like mountains and deserts and stuff, and it looks real nice, though it gets pretty god damn hot, you hear me? Sonny (Danny McBride) lives in Arizona, and he's a totally cool guy. He's got a really great house, a hummer, a sweet gun collection and a samurai sword, and one thing we can tell you about him is that he is definitely NOT a murderer. Okay, there was that thing with the realtor who was trying to default on his house, but that was an accident, you understand? Pretty sure that guy jumped off that balcony, hear me? And that other realtor, Cassie (Rosemarie DeWitt), who saw it and who Sonny, uh, "invited" to his house to help hash things out? DEFINITELY NOT kidnapped. And those other people who end up dying around Sonny on this otherwise normal Arizona day in 2009? Hey, if you mess with Sonny, you’ll get the horns. You know, like the bull, or something like that? Long story short, don't fuck with Sonny, especially not today. He's nobody bitch. Don't no one forget that.

It's been a while since we've had as delightfully nasty a comedy as ARIZONA, and its arrival should be welcome with wide-open arms by Fantasia-goers. The feature debut of longtime A.D. Jonathan Watson, it's like the dark comedy we always wanted John Carpenter to make but never got. Written by TV vet Luke Del Tredici (BROOKLYN NINE-NINE), ARIZONA is full of desperate characters all at the tipping point of their lives, who are going to either snap or survive the madness they find themselves in. Watson and cinematographer Drew Daniels (IT COMES AT NIGHT) make excellent use of this hellish suburban landscape that is Arizona, and it's all anchored perfectly by DeWitt and a never-better McBride, who adds a dangerously psychotic edge that (let's be honest) we all knew was there from the beginning, and creates one of the most memorable movie maniacs in a while (a good indicator for the upcoming HALLOWEEN movie co-written by McBride, perhaps?). And yes, ARIZONA is also pretty goddamn funny, which should go without saying considering the talent involved, but it's got a lot more on its mind than just murder and jokes. ARIZONA doesn't want you to forget that within a desperate landscape there are a lot of good people who just want to survive to live, love and hang out in their really nice houses for another day. You just gotta give them some time to make the payments. – Matthew Kiernan


Tue July 31, 2018
7:20 PM

Auditorium des diplômés de la SGWU (Théâtre Hall)