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Philippe Morel, Jonathan Larose, Charles-Alex Durand

An ex-bully needs the help of a victim to prove his innocence.

Canada, Quebec 18 mins

À Court de Temps

Emile Landriau

A man falls under the spell of a peculiar pocket watch.

Quebec 1 mins


Véronique Giguère Cholette

On a winter night, a hunter faces the hostility of a wolf.

Canada, Quebec 1 mins


Oleg J

In the future, the things we own take on more human nature. Partially by design to make us feel more...

Canada, Quebec 8 mins

Attaboy Lou Star!

Étienne Bellefeuille

Lou Star is young, disturbed, and desperately looking for a way to finance his career and fulfill hi...

Canada, Quebec 13 mins


Valérie Leclair

Personnifiant le Père Noël et la Fée des Étoiles dans un centre d'achats, Christopher et Sarah profi...

Canada, Quebec 11 mins

Beurre noir

Jimmy P Pettigrew

A junk dealer is trapped inside a terribly unhealthy love triangle. He sinks into a fantasy world to...

Canada, Quebec 20 mins

Bird and The Bees

Michael Geurrieri, Production Spectrum I

An animated short poem.

Canada, Quebec 1 mins

Black Friday

Stéphane Moukarzel

A young woman returns to the store where her father worked on Black Friday. In her wanderings, past ...

Canada, Quebec 18 mins


Mathieu Girard

An ever hungry mouth gives birth to a man in an empty room. An encounter with a piece of meat will p...

Canada, Quebec 4 mins


Catherine Gignac

Une fillette essaie de jouer au basket.

Canada, Quebec 1 mins


Joey Desjardins

"Hair" is a short film of a man with bushy hair and a mustache.

Canada, Quebec 3 mins


Michaël Houde

A talented surgeon uses his canine skills to save his patient's life.

Canada, Quebec 1 mins


Matthew Gaines

A young woman who experiences terrifying visions learns to master her supernatural powers while flee...

Canada, Quebec 9 mins


Mathieu McCollough Bouchard

Pete and Cynthia are lustful and in love. But Pete is hiding something. Once unleashed, this dark se...

Canada, Quebec 9 mins


Béatrice Dubreuil

You have to be your own truth.

Canada, Quebec 1 mins


Alexandre Roy

Il était une fois une croix.

Canada, Quebec 4 mins


Maxime S Girard

Hoping to rekindle a flame that has, alas, never been lit, Manu brings his best friend, Delphine, fo...

Canada, Quebec 12 mins


Philippe David Gagné

On a cold winter day, Guillaume, a broken-hearted lover, attempts to regain his honour on a frozen b...

Canada, Quebec 7 mins


Carolanne Courcelles

While practicing a musical performance on the outskirts of her town, Amelia is attacked by a hungry ...

Canada, Quebec 1 mins


Laurence Turcotte-Fraser

Après avoir tué sa conjointe Dominique, Mathieu tente de fuir les conséquences de ses actes. Rapidem...

Canada, Quebec 5 mins

Dulce Hogar

Giovana Olmos

In a rundown building, Susana, the doorkeeper, sets out to collect one tooth per apartment: the requ...

Canada, Quebec, Mexico 9 mins

En mä polta

Philippe Gariépy

A young woman decides to live the Last Day on Earth on her own terms.

Canada, Quebec, Finland 6 mins

End of the Night

Tavit Melikian

After the accidental death of his best friend, Jimmy comes to believe that the friend now haunts his...

Canada, Quebec 14 mins