Presented by Sunrise Records

Selection 2018

DJ XL5’s Outtasight Zappin' Party

95 mins 18 films International, Canada, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Quebec, USA
Thu July 26, 2018
9:30 PM

Auditorium des diplômés de la SGWU (Théâtre Hall)

For his fifteenth program of short films, DJ XL5 has selected a cornucopia of intriguing items and slipped them in amid a mix of old TV ads, film snippets and bursts of static, to simulate a productive evening of channel surfing with the gang at home. In total, there are 17 shorts, including two World Premieres and many Montreal premieres.

This crystal anniversary celebrates the return of many regular participants in DJ XL5’s parties. Simon Tofield’s SIMON'S CAT is obviously back, with three new shorts, one of which highlights the 10 years of the Fantasia crowd’s favourite cat. On the menu, POLISHED PAWS, PURRTHDAY CAKE (A 10TH BIRTHDAY SPECIAL), and KITTEN CRAZY TIME. The eccentric Lee Hardcastle is back with two decidedly gory stop-motions animation – Hardcastle's THE SIMPSONS COUCH GAG (RESERVOIR DOGS) and RICK AND MORTY GO TO THE MOVIES (THE NON-CANONICAL ADVENTURES). From the U.S., Chris McInroy (DEATH METAL and BAD GUY # 2) presents the gleefully gooey WE SUMMONED A DEMON this year. After working last year on the feature film FEUILLES MORTES, Carnior (aka Steve Landry) goes back to his roots with an ingenious, intimate science-fiction short. Quebec animator François Mercier rolls out two short films, one an array of cult-film pastiches of and the other, a crazy allegory on America the heavily armed. Daphne Leduc-Laprise returns for the third consecutive year with a colourful dose of potassium called 135 BANANAS.

If you’re the type who gets anxious about flying, you'll love GREGORY by American filmmaker John William Ross. Discover the burning world of New Zealand’s Phil Brough animated short FIRE IN CARDBOARD CITY. TTA, from Travis ONeill (U.S.), confirms that alcoholics should not have access to time machines. If you are among those suspicious of the elderly, you will shudder before the massacres in GRANNY, made with humour by Australia’s David Burrowes. Rémi Fréchette smake a remarkable debut among the DJ XL5 family with A NIGHT OF SWEAT, a crazy parody entirely taken from PERFECT and sports dramas of the ’80s. And to top it off, Quebec’s Mat Rich imagines Jesus havings his own perfume, blessed with a not-so-divine ad campaign. DJ XL5 is the only Fantasia programmer who gets thing started 20 minutes ahead of showtime. Wild trailers and musical oddities await those wise enough to arrive early! –Translation: Rupert Bottenberg

DJ XL5’s Outtasight Zappin' Party


For his fifteenth program of short films, DJ XL5 has selected a cornucopia of intriguing items and s...

International 96 mins

135 bananes

Daphnée Leduc-Laprise

135 is the approximate figure to define a mad minute filled with absurd situations, vibrant colours ...

Quebec 1 mins

Cinéma cubisme

François Mercier

By using simple pictographs, François Mercier (a regular at DJ XL5?s Zappin? parties) evokes, with b...

Quebec 4 mins

Eau de Jesus

Mat Rich

Wicked false advertising directed by Montrealer Mat Rich. What if Jesus lived in our days and would ...

Quebec 2 mins


John William Ross

When a passenger refuses to give up his seat, the airline sends in their newest employee, named "Gre...

USA 3 mins


Carnior Steve Landry

The year is 2184. After eight hours of driving on a desolate mining planet, a couple?s quarrel degen...

Canada, Belgium, Quebec 5 mins

Lee Hardcastle’s The Simpsons Couch Gag...

Lee Hardcastle

The banned Play-Doh <b>RESERVOIR DOGS </b> version of the <b>SIMPSONS</b> couch gag, by the ever-con...

United Kingdom 2 mins

A Night of Sweats

Rémi Fréchette

A troupe of aerobic dancers trains for a competition that would allow them to save a dog shelter. Bu...

Quebec 8 mins

Rick and Morty Go to the Movies [The No...

Lee Hardcastle

Rick and Morty, Lee Hardcastle (a longtime DJ XL5 collaborator), a lotta clay, film parodies? You kn...

United Kingdom 4 mins

The Shivering Truth

Vernon Chatman

An omnibus of painfully riotous daymares dripping with dream logic; a slate of emotional parables fr...

USA 11 mins

Simon's Cat: Kitten Crazy Time

Simon Tofield

Simon's Cat discovers Kitten has its own 'crazy time' too!

United Kingdom 2 mins

Simon's Cat: Polished Paws

Simon Tofield

Simon's Cat's slip 'n' slide fail!

United Kingdom 2 mins

Fire in Cardboard City

Phil Brough

When a city made entirely from cardboard catches fire, it is up to the local fire chief and his brav...

New Zealand 9 mins


David Burrowes

A young man flees for his life when the beloved grandmother he attempted to put in a home goes on a ...

Australia 15 mins

Simon's Cat: Purrthday Cake (A 10th Bir...

Simon Tofield

March 4, 2008, marks the date when the Simon's Cat YouTube channel was launched. Ten years of cat ma...

United Kingdom 2 mins

Too Many Good Guys

François Mercier

A delirious, although terrifying, evocation of an America where everyone wears a gun.

Quebec 4 mins


Travis O'Neill

Never trust an alcoholic in time-travelling mode to stop himself from repeating the terrible drunken...

USA 10 mins

We Summoned a Demon

They just wanted to be cool. Instead, they got a demon.

USA 6 mins


Thu July 26, 2018
9:30 PM

Auditorium des diplômés de la SGWU (Théâtre Hall)