Selection 2018

Circo Animato 2018

89 mins 12 films Netherlands, Quebec, China, South Korea, USA, Belgium, Canada, Argentina
Sun July 29, 2018
5:15 PM

Salle J.A. De Sève

Fantasia’s annual animated short film program returns, with a new name and some very, very new movies. Of the dozen shorts on the menu, four are World Premieres, and another five screening in North America for the first time. The moments here range from the melancholic, the morbid and the meditative to the hallucinatory and the hilarious – these are cartoons, after all! Making their World Premieres at CIRCO ANIMATO 2018 are a pair from South Korea – Park Yena’s LOVELY GIRL (an internal affair, of sorts), and Seo Ji-hyeong’s snarky mash-up of hand-drawn and 8-bit animation, CRAZY CAT. As well, from the U.S., filmmaker Winnie Cheung presents ALBATROSS SOUP, a dizzying descent into deductive reasoning, animated from illustrations by celebrated Toronto artist Fiona Smyth. And from right here in Montreal, enfants terribles of the underground art scene Rick Trembles and Raph Bard get you in on the ground floor of BUILDING 108: BARNACLE BILL THE TAILOR.

Over on the North American Premiere side of things, Toon Loenders and Paul Driessen (Belgium, Netherlands) unleash their riotous THE ORIGIN OF SOUND, a showcase of 20-plus animators. China’s Lei Lei lets loose with freeform doodling and a vicious rap attack in I DON'T LIKE THE COMICS YOU DREW. South Korea’s Kim JiHyeon drops us ashore at her creepy ISLAND OF THE DECEASED. Toronto’s Samuel Bradley takes us even further with his sci-fi fable SPACE BETWEEN STARS (with music by Jim Guthrie), and THE VOICE OVER, from Belgium’s Claudia Cortés Espejo, Lora D'Addazio, Mathilde Remy, will really get inside your head. From Belgium as well, SIMBIOSIS CARNAL, a rhapsody in red and blue by Rocío Álvarez, makes its Canadian Premiere. American-Chinese studio Taiko’s ONE SMALL STEP, from directors Andrew Chesworth and Bobby Pontillas, will leave stars –and maybe a tear or two – in your eyes. Wrapping things up is THE RICOCHET SPLENDID, from Argentina’s Pablo Gostanian – the most awesomest opening ever, for the greatest anime TV show never. – Rupert Bottenberg

The Origin of Sound

Paul Driessen, Toon Loenders

On the seventh day, early in the morning, God got around to inventing rude noises. Hark! A riotous b...

Belgium, Netherlands 13 mins

Island of the Deceased

Kim JiHyeon

For a young man with a questionable hobby, a secluded graveyard island is the perfect place to set u...

South Korea 9 mins

I Don't Like the Comics You Drew

Lei Lei

A regular of our animation section Axis, Lei Lei lets loose here with freeform doodling and a viciou...

China 4 mins

Crazy Cat

Seo Ji-hyeong

A feline video-gamer will stop at nothing for the upgrade it wants, in this snarky mash-up of hand-d...

South Korea 6 mins

Building 108: Barnacle Bill the Tailor

Rick Trembles

Lowlife monster-punks Braindead, Cobweb and Ghost step out for groceries and take on the military-in...

Quebec 10 mins

The Voice Over

CaLM! Claudia Cortés Espejo, Lora D'Addazio & Mathilde Remy

Ever feel like you’re just a character in someone’s movie – someone’s snarky little metafictional ca...

Belgium 5 mins

One Small Step

Bobby Pontillas, Andrew Chesworth

Introducing promising new American-Chinese studio Taiko, this brief but potent tale of what’s ahead,...

USA, China 8 mins

Lovely Girl

Park Yena

The sweet highs and harsh lows of that eternal moment, when boy meets girl. An internal affair, of s...

South Korea 6 mins

Albatross Soup

Winnie Cheung

A dizzying descent into deductive reasoning, animated from illustrations by celebrated Toronto artis...

USA 6 mins

Simbiosis Carnal

Rocío Álvarez

A rhapsody in red and blue, cataloguing the fraught delights of the flesh.

Belgium 10 mins

Space Between Stars

Samuel Bradley

Luminescent lifeforms infiltrate a dark, derelict spacecraft in this elegant, thoughtful sci-fi fabl...

Canada 10 mins

The Ricochet Splendid

Pablo Gostanian

The most awesomest opening ever, for the greatest anime TV show never, from Argentine studio 2viente...

Argentina 3 mins


Sun July 29, 2018
5:15 PM

Salle J.A. De Sève