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Jean Yoon

South Korea 14 mins


Jonathan Watson

Sonny (Danny McBride) lives in Arizona, and he's a totally cool guy. He's definitely NOT a murderer....

USA 84 mins


Lee Hae-young

With no family and nothing to lose, Rak agrees to help Detective Jo to go undercover in drug kingpin...

South Korea 124 mins

Blood and Black Lace

Mario Bava

Fear has never looked so colourful. You won't want to miss this screening of this powerful exercise ...

France, Germany, Italy, Monaco 88 mins

Brothers' Nest

Clayton Jacobson

Two brothers in rural Australia have a perfectly timed and detailed plan for murder. Nothing could p...

Australia 99 mins


Erik Matti

No matter how good their training, nothing can prepare rookie Manila cop Nina and her colleagues for...

Philippines 128 mins


Daniel Goldhaber

The life of a camgirl (Madeline Brewer) crumbles when she’s inexplicably replaced on her site with a...

USA 94 mins

Cinderella the Cat

Ivan Cappiello, Dario Sansone, Marino Guarnieri, Alessandro Rak

Murder, mayhem, melodrama and musical numbers make fine bedfellows in this noir-stained revisiting o...

Italy 86 mins


Mathieu McCollough Bouchard

Pete and Cynthia are lustful and in love. But Pete is hiding something. Once unleashed, this dark se...

Canada, Quebec 9 mins


Maxime S Girard

Hoping to rekindle a flame that has, alas, never been lit, Manu brings his best friend, Delphine, fo...

Canada, Quebec 12 mins

Dans la brume

Daniel Roby

After Paris is hit by an earthquake and filled with a mysterious toxic gas, Mathieu and Anna, parent...

Canada, France 89 mins

Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings

Tsui Hark

China's Tang Dynasty era, a time of worldliness and wonders, explode with action, innovation, inspir...

Hong Kong, China 132 mins

Five Fingers For Marseilles

Michael Matthews

A tense, riveting thriller that takes the Western genre to uncharted grounds by exploring colonialis...

South Africa 120 mins

Fleuve Noir

Erick Zonca

A taut crime thriller in which co-writer/director Erick Zonca (JULIA, LA VIE RÊVÉE DES ANGES) slowly...

France 113 mins

The Fortress

Hwang Dong-hyuk

As the enemy presses in and reserves run short, wisdom, determination and even luck seem ever less l...

South Korea 139 mins

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

Jeong Beom-sik

South Korea?s found-footage sleeper hit, set in the real-life, abandoned Namyang Mental Hospital in ...

South Korea 94 mins

I Have a Date With Spring

Baek Seung-bin

Interested in the plight of outcasts and wishing for a more humane society, South Korean writer-dire...

South Korea 93 mins

KASANE -Beauty and Fate-

Yuichi Sato

An adaptation of the popular manga, KASANE is a remarkably effective psychological thriller that for...

Japan 110 mins


Michael Peterson

Over a few days at the family farm, Henry is going to learn a lot about family, about survival, and ...

Canada 89 mins

Laplace's Witch

Takashi Miike

A professor and the police are led down an unexpected path, into a world where the supernatural, the...

Japan 116 mins

Last Child

Shin Dong-seok

A father, mother, and best friend struggle with a loved boy's death in this novelistic story of loss...

South Korea 124 mins

Lords of Chaos

Jonas Åkerlund

“Based on truth and lies”, this propulsive dramedy depiction of the ‘90s Norwegian black metal scene...

United Kingdom, Sweden 112 mins


Tilman Singer

An experimental shocker with an irresistible retro vibe, LUZ deftly deconstructs the demonic possess...

Germany 70 mins
Sold out


Panos Cosmatos

Red Miller (Nicolas Cage)’s peaceful existence is burned to the ground when a deranged religious sec...

Belgium, USA 121 mins