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Yoko Yamanaka

20-year-old filmmaker Yoko Yamanaka transforms the schoolgirl into a strong countercultural figure, ...

Japan 66 mins


Mael Le Mée

France 18 mins


Lee Hae-young

With no family and nothing to lose, Rak agrees to help Detective Jo to go undercover in drug kingpin...

South Korea 124 mins

Beurre noir

Jimmy P Pettigrew

A junk dealer is trapped inside a terribly unhealthy love triangle. He sinks into a fantasy world to...

Canada, Quebec 20 mins

Black Friday

Stéphane Moukarzel

A young woman returns to the store where her father worked on Black Friday. In her wanderings, past ...

Canada, Quebec 18 mins

Blue My Mind

Lisa Brühlmann

Lisa Brühlmann delivers a masterful debut feature on adolescence, Her fresh take on the horrific deg...

Switzerland 97 mins


Joseph Kahn

Produced by Eminem, BODIED is a triumphant satire of today's social and political climate, in which ...

USA 121 mins


Daniel Goldhaber

The life of a camgirl (Madeline Brewer) crumbles when she’s inexplicably replaced on her site with a...

USA 94 mins

Chained for Life

Aaron Schimberg

A flirtatious actress and a disfigured actor struggle to understand each other on the set of a horro...

USA 91 mins


Kim Yong-wan

Mark (Don Lee), a disgraced former arm-wrestling champ rebuilding his career, will face a variety of...

South Korea 108 mins

Dans la brume

Daniel Roby

After Paris is hit by an earthquake and filled with a mysterious toxic gas, Mathieu and Anna, parent...

Canada, France 89 mins


Laurence Turcotte-Fraser

Après avoir tué sa conjointe Dominique, Mathieu tente de fuir les conséquences de ses actes. Rapidem...

Canada, Quebec 5 mins

En mä polta

Philippe Gariépy

A young woman decides to live the Last Day on Earth on her own terms.

Canada, Quebec, Finland 6 mins


Marinah Janello

USA 15 mins


Florence Pelletier

Nico, diagnosed with schizophrenia, would like to explain his psychosis.

Canada, Quebec 7 mins
Sold out


Jérémy Comte

Set in a surface mine, two boys sink into a seemingly innocent power game with Mother Nature as the ...

Canada, Quebec 16 mins

Fish Hole

Simon Beaupré

When a giant hole appears at the limit of the arctic, the walking fishes are left with a hard choice...

Canada, Quebec, Norway 8 mins

Five Fingers For Marseilles

Michael Matthews

A tense, riveting thriller that takes the Western genre to uncharted grounds by exploring colonialis...

South Africa 120 mins

Fleuve Noir

Erick Zonca

A taut crime thriller in which co-writer/director Erick Zonca (JULIA, LA VIE RÊVÉE DES ANGES) slowly...

France 113 mins


Akim Gagnon

It’s night, December 20. Clara goes to talk with her sister, Sara, who has locked herself in the bat...

Canada, Quebec 9 mins

The Fortress

Hwang Dong-hyuk

As the enemy presses in and reserves run short, wisdom, determination and even luck seem ever less l...

South Korea 139 mins


Pierre-Marc Tremblay Grandbois

Benjamin, a young boy with overflowing imagination, spends an afternoon playing war with his Teddy b...

Canada, Quebec 7 mins


Nobuhiko Obayashi

A coming-of-age tale, coupled with an epic war drama, shot, cut and meticulously lit like an halluci...

Japan 169 mins

I Have a Date With Spring

Baek Seung-bin

Interested in the plight of outcasts and wishing for a more humane society, South Korean writer-dire...

South Korea 93 mins