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Big Brother

Kam Ka-Wai

Unconventional teacher Mr. Chen and his beloved students are going to give their unwelcome guests th...

Hong Kong, China 101 mins

Blonde Fury, The

Hoi Mang

An American FBI agent travels to Hong Kong to investigate a counterfeiting case. Cynthia Rothrock op...

Hong Kong 90 mins

The Brink

Jonathan Li

A disgraced cop and a renegade criminal pursue an underwater jackpot of gold, as a massive typhoon b...

Hong Kong, China 101 mins

Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings

Tsui Hark

China's Tang Dynasty era, a time of worldliness and wonders, explode with action, innovation, inspir...

Hong Kong, China 132 mins

The Drop In

Naledi Jackson

A compact techno-thriller that probes, destabilizes, and moves in for the kill.

Canada 13 mins

Laughing Under the Clouds

Katsuyuki Motohiro

The three Kumo brothers in Restoration-era Japan stand guard against the return of the mythical drag...

Japan 94 mins

Lôi Báo

Victor Vu

Tam, a comic-book artist with cancer, will have to become a true superhero to save those he loves. W...

Vietnam 105 mins

Punk Samurai Slash Down

Gakuryu Ishii

The Kurokaze fiefdom is engulfed in harebrained schemes, desperate deeds – and apocalyptic madness! ...

Japan 130 mins

Tokyo Vampire Hotel

Sion Sono

Two vampire clans battle over mortal human livestock. Swerving from massive gun orgies to gaudy scen...

Japan 142 mins

The Unity of Heroes

Lin Zhenzhao

Legendary Chinese folk hero Wong Fei-Hung strikes again with a vengeance after a 20-year hiatus! UNI...

China 104 mins

The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion

Park Hoon-jung

Park Hoon-jung (I SAW THE DEVIL, this year's V.I.P.) reinvents tired superhero formulas for somethin...

South Korea 126 mins