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Ajin: Demi-Human

Katsuyuki Motohiro

With the authorities on his tail and demi-humans out to make him theirs, Kei struggles to save his o...

Japan 109 mins


Lee Hae-young

With no family and nothing to lose, Rak agrees to help Detective Jo to go undercover in drug kingpin...

South Korea 124 mins

Big Brother

Kam Ka-Wai

Unconventional teacher Mr. Chen and his beloved students are going to give their unwelcome guests th...

Hong Kong, China 101 mins


Shinsuke Sato

Ichigo, a young man who sees spirits, acquires the powers of a shinigami, a protector of humanity ag...

Japan 108 mins

Blonde Fury, The

Hoi Mang

An American FBI agent travels to Hong Kong to investigate a counterfeiting case. Cynthia Rothrock op...

Hong Kong 90 mins

The Brink

Jonathan Li

A disgraced cop and a renegade criminal pursue an underwater jackpot of gold, as a massive typhoon b...

Hong Kong, China 101 mins

Buffalo Boys

Mike Wiluan

A trio of Indonesian exiles the American Wild West labour on the railroads, focused on returning – a...

Indonesia, Singapore 105 mins


Erik Matti

No matter how good their training, nothing can prepare rookie Manila cop Nina and her colleagues for...

Philippines 128 mins


Kim Yong-wan

Mark (Don Lee), a disgraced former arm-wrestling champ rebuilding his career, will face a variety of...

South Korea 108 mins

Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires

Mike Mort

An evil curse is about to hit the city of Los Angeles, and even a maverick, renegade, loose-cannon, ...

United Kingdom 89 mins


Matthew Gaines

A young woman who experiences terrifying visions learns to master her supernatural powers while flee...

Canada, Quebec 9 mins

Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings

Tsui Hark

China's Tang Dynasty era, a time of worldliness and wonders, explode with action, innovation, inspir...

Hong Kong, China 132 mins

Five Fingers For Marseilles

Michael Matthews

A tense, riveting thriller that takes the Western genre to uncharted grounds by exploring colonialis...

South Africa 120 mins

The Fortress

Hwang Dong-hyuk

As the enemy presses in and reserves run short, wisdom, determination and even luck seem ever less l...

South Korea 139 mins

I Am a Hero

Shinsuke Sato

Shinsuke Sato's brilliant adaptation of the cult manga perfectly blends horror, humour and action as...

Japan 147 mins


Shinsuke Sato

Shinsuke Sato brilliantly reinvents the superhero film with a spectacular and surprisingly bloody wo...

Japan 127 mins

Laughing Under the Clouds

Katsuyuki Motohiro

The three Kumo brothers in Restoration-era Japan stand guard against the return of the mythical drag...

Japan 94 mins

Lôi Báo

Victor Vu

Tam, a comic-book artist with cancer, will have to become a true superhero to save those he loves. W...

Vietnam 105 mins
Sold out


Panos Cosmatos

Red Miller (Nicolas Cage)’s peaceful existence is burned to the ground when a deranged religious sec...

Belgium, USA 121 mins

Mauvais Timing

Laurence Legault

A young teenager transforms into a super hero to try to stop a thief.

Canada, Quebec 1 mins

The Outlaws

Kang Yun-sung

Seoul cop Ma and his team have ten days to shut down the Black Dragon Gang from China, who fear no f...

South Korea 121 mins

Punk Samurai Slash Down

Gakuryu Ishii

The Kurokaze fiefdom is engulfed in harebrained schemes, desperate deeds – and apocalyptic madness! ...

Japan 130 mins

La Quinceañera

Gigi Saul Guerrero

When the cartel shows up, Alejandra’s 15th birthday becomes a demented, blood-fueled journey of reve...

Canada, USA 70 mins

Scythian, The

Rustam Mosafir

A Christian Russian and his pagan captive/guide journey into ever more mysterious lands of strange a...

Russia 105 mins