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135 bananes

Daphnée Leduc-Laprise

135 is the approximate figure to define a mad minute filled with absurd situations, vibrant colours ...

Quebec 1 mins


Mael Le Mée

France 18 mins


Mathieu Girard

An ever hungry mouth gives birth to a man in an empty room. An encounter with a piece of meat will p...

Canada, Quebec 4 mins


Alexandre Roy

Il était une fois une croix.

Canada, Quebec 4 mins

DJ XL5’s Outtasight Zappin' Party


For his fifteenth program of short films, DJ XL5 has selected a cornucopia of intriguing items and s...

International 96 mins

The Field Guide to Evil

Yannis Veslemes, Ashim Ahluwalia, Can Evrenol, Severin Fiala, Veronika Franz, Katrin Gebbe, Calvin Reeder, Agnieszka Smoczynska, Peter Strickland

The world can be a scary place, no matter where you travel. From the dreamy to the visceral, set in ...

USA, Austria, India, Greece 117 mins


Mishka Kornai

The digital spaces we inhabit today are increasingly personalized as technology improves to serve ou...

Canada, Quebec 12 mins


Nobuhiko Obayashi

A coming-of-age tale, coupled with an epic war drama, shot, cut and meticulously lit like an halluci...

Japan 169 mins

I Don't Like the Comics You Drew

Lei Lei

A regular of our animation section Axis, Lei Lei lets loose here with freeform doodling and a viciou...

China 4 mins

I Saw the Future

François Vautier

France 5 mins

La 3e roue

André Roy

Canada 8 mins

Les abeilles domestiques

Alexanne Desrosiers

Does humans pollinate other humans? An experimental film exploring the absurdity of everyday life an...

Canada, Quebec 2 mins


Tilman Singer

An experimental shocker with an irresistible retro vibe, LUZ deftly deconstructs the demonic possess...

Germany 70 mins

Madeline's Madeline

Josephine Decker

Through Madeline’s eyes, an experience unfolds, a blurry mix of whispers, childish laughter and ende...

USA 94 mins
Sold out


Panos Cosmatos

Red Miller (Nicolas Cage)’s peaceful existence is burned to the ground when a deranged religious sec...

Belgium, USA 121 mins

Puppet Master

Hanna Bergholm

Finland 15 mins


Philippe Lambert

Canada 10 mins


Michel Huneault

Canada 15 mins


Alexander Gorokhov

Russia 4 mins

The Dead Man Speaks

Marcos Mereles

Netherlands 2 mins

Tidal Traces

Nancy Lee, Emmalena Fredriksson

Canada 4 mins

Violence Voyager


Ultra-outré Japanese creator Ujicha returns to Fantasia with the bizarre and marvelous VIOLENCE VOYA...

Japan 83 mins


Isabelle Giroux

A woman's place, just as she can sometimes be perceived, in a short series of different pictures.

Canada, Quebec, Australia 3 mins

Who's Who in Mycology

Marie Dvorakova

USA, Czech Republic 16 mins