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Albatross Soup

Winnie Cheung

A dizzying descent into deductive reasoning, animated from illustrations by celebrated Toronto artis...

USA 6 mins

Aragne: Sign of Vermillion

Saku Sakamoto

Rin is coming to realize that something sinister is manifesting itself, something at the cursed cros...

Japan 75 mins

Battledream Chronicles: A New Beginning

Alain Bidard

Syanna, a young Caribbean girl, finds herself cast into a virtual gladiator arena, a video game in w...

Martinique 24 mins

Building 108: Barnacle Bill the Tailor

Rick Trembles

Lowlife monster-punks Braindead, Cobweb and Ghost step out for groceries and take on the military-in...

Quebec 10 mins

Cinderella the Cat

Ivan Cappiello, Dario Sansone, Marino Guarnieri, Alessandro Rak

Murder, mayhem, melodrama and musical numbers make fine bedfellows in this noir-stained revisiting o...

Italy 86 mins

Crazy Cat

Seo Ji-hyeong

A feline video-gamer will stop at nothing for the upgrade it wants, in this snarky mash-up of hand-d...

South Korea 6 mins

Crisis Jung

Baptiste Gaubert, Jérémie Hoarau

From renegade adult-animation newcomers Bobbypills, a tale of broken hearts, bent minds and bashed-o...

France 70 mins

Da Hu Fa


Formidable fighter Da Hu Fa discovers a hidden town where dread, violence and corruption pervade. A ...

China 93 mins


Akiyuki Shinbo, Nobuyuki Takeuchi

Adapting a cult ’90s TV series by Shunji Iwai, a keenly rendered drama of adolescent romance with a ...

Japan 89 mins

The Great Hand and the Bulgasari

Kim Minhye

A fable told in fragments of fabric, about speaking truth to power – and the consequences thereof.

South Korea 6 mins

I Don't Like the Comics You Drew

Lei Lei

A regular of our animation section Axis, Lei Lei lets loose here with freeform doodling and a viciou...

China 4 mins

Island of the Deceased

Kim JiHyeon

For a young man with a questionable hobby, a secluded graveyard island is the perfect place to set u...

South Korea 9 mins

Lovely Girl

Park Yena

The sweet highs and harsh lows of that eternal moment, when boy meets girl. An internal affair, of s...

South Korea 6 mins

Make it Soul

Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo

Chicago, 1965… two titans of soul music are set to share a stage, but which one will walk away with ...

France 18 mins

Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms

Mari Okada

Fleeing a human invasion, a young woman from an enchanted tribe faces a world fraught with peril. Th...

Japan 115 mins

One Small Step

Bobby Pontillas, Andrew Chesworth

Introducing promising new American-Chinese studio Taiko, this brief but potent tale of what’s ahead,...

USA, China 8 mins

The Origin of Sound

Paul Driessen, Toon Loenders

On the seventh day, early in the morning, God got around to inventing rude noises. Hark! A riotous b...

Belgium, Netherlands 13 mins

Penguin Highway

Hiroyasu Ishida

One memorable summer, a precocious schoolboy contends with a crush on an older woman and a strange p...

Japan 120 mins

The Ricochet Splendid

Pablo Gostanian

The most awesomest opening ever, for the greatest anime TV show never, from Argentine studio 2viente...

Argentina 3 mins

Simbiosis Carnal

Rocío Álvarez

A rhapsody in red and blue, cataloguing the fraught delights of the flesh.

Belgium 10 mins

Space Between Stars

Samuel Bradley

Luminescent lifeforms infiltrate a dark, derelict spacecraft in this elegant, thoughtful sci-fi fabl...

Canada 10 mins

Violence Voyager


Ultra-outré Japanese creator Ujicha returns to Fantasia with the bizarre and marvelous VIOLENCE VOYA...

Japan 83 mins

The Voice Over

CaLM! Claudia Cortés Espejo, Lora D'Addazio & Mathilde Remy

Ever feel like you’re just a character in someone’s movie – someone’s snarky little metafictional ca...

Belgium 5 mins

Walking Meat

Shinya Sugai

The tables have turned – humans have made livestock of the living dead. But when the technology that...

Japan 21 mins