North American premiere
Selection 2018


Directed by Isaac Ezban

Hosted by director Isaac Ezban, screenwriter Elyse Hollander and producers Miriam Mercado and John Zaozirny.

Sun July 22, 2018
9:45 PM

Salle J.A. De Sève
PRESENTED WITH Space/Time Conundrum



Isaac Ezban


Scott Blaszak


Aml Ameen, Alyssa Diaz, David Harewood, Georgia King, Mark O'Brien, Kathleen Quinlan, Martin Wallström


Garrick Dion, Matthias Mellinghaus

Canada 2018 104 mins OV English

Official selection

Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2018

A group of young tech developers, Josh (Marc O'Brien), Carmen (Alyssa Diaz), Lena (Georgia King), Devin (Aml Ameen) and Noel (Martin Wallström), struggle to strike partnerships with possible business investors. After receiving some bad news, the group returns to their rental house to strategize, but their brainstorming session is cut short when they discover a portal to a multiverse hidden in their attic. World-hopping through a supernatural gateway, they quickly begin to gather knowledge between dimensions for their benefit, both professional and interpersonal. Some capitalize by stealing time from elsewhere, others moonlight in foreign dimensions gathering credit for stolen work. This illusory time-warp chronicle has marshalled the protagonists dissatisfied self-images by looking to differing times and spaces to in order to conjure personal change. But as the characters ambitiously double and substitute as they please, seemingly innocent 'Groundhog Day-ing' turns to playing with fire. In efforts to improve their lives, terrible consequences quickly begin to outweigh the good in tragic and disturbing ways.

Set in a contemporary age of hostile venture capitalism, morality and greed clash in PARALLEL's perilous journey. Directed by Mexican science-fiction wunderkind Isaac Ezban (THE INCIDENT, THE SIMILARS) and shot by Karim Hussain (HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN), PARALLEL is Ezban's English-language debut. He delivers a thriller that fleshes out a tension between domestic life and fantasy, in keeping with his characteristic allegorical edge. As the characters slip further into the grips of their audacious experiment, the ethical lines of labour, creativity, free will and consent become irrevocably blurred. - Sarah Teixeira St-Cyr


Sun July 22, 2018
9:45 PM

Salle J.A. De Sève
PRESENTED WITH Space/Time Conundrum